Charity Defense Council responds to Senator Grassley

Senator Charles Grassley asked the WWP board of directors a number of tough questions in his letter of March 18. One of them was why WWP would make a $150,000 contribution to the CDC. Here's an exerpt from CDC Founder and CEO Dan Pallotta's response:

To understand why Wounded Warrior Project would make a grant to the Charity Defense Council, or how such a grant could possibly be consistent with its strategy of serving veterans, you have to understand Wounded Warrior Project’s dream. They wanted to grow big and grow fast, believing that the more resources they had, the more veterans they could serve. To grow revenues, an organization has to invest heavily in fundraising. But the public has been taught that high fundraising spending is wasteful, and that it takes money away from charitable programs, instead of adding dramatically more money. To pursue its dream of maximizing the number of veterans it can serve – without fear of public reprisal – Wounded Warrior Project knew that public misconceptions about the value of fundraising must be corrected. That’s exactly what the Charity Defense Council is chartered to do. Our work is designed to clear the way for the likes of Wounded Warrior Project’s dream of serving more veterans.

Pallotta's full letter can be found here.

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This blog was created by Steven Nardizzi, former CEO of Wounded Warrior Project and Al Giordano, former COO. On March 10, 2016, we were fired by the board of the WWP in the wake of media reports about wasteful spending at the charity we had led for eight years. In the same press release announcing our firings, the Board of WWP issued findings of an independent investigation disproving the allegations contained in those media reports. Nevertheless, the media's false reporting has taken hold and and we are forced to defend ourselves and the wonderful organization and people that has done so much help our wounded veterans.

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