Forbes: The Gutting Of Wounded Warrior: How To Kill A Charity

Read the full story here. Read the independent report here.

Excerpt: "From our perspective, the most telling point in White’s report – indeed, in this whole sad story – is that WWP revenue did not begin to substantially diminish in the aftermath of the bad media coverage. Instead, the chickens came home months later, after WWP’s Board fired CEO Steve Nardizzi as well as Giordano, neither of whom was permitted by the Board to respond to any of the published allegations.

"It was essentially a cave-in, all the worse, says White, “because at least they could have given a persuasive reason for doing so.” Accompanied by bland assurances that WWP would now move forward to regain trust, the firings were tantamount to a confession. “The Board was like a deer in the headlights,” adds White.

"One thing seems irrefutable: not media allegations, but WWP’s misguided response seems to have provided the coup de grâce. There’s a crisis communications bromide that, to placate the wolves at your door, make a sacrifice. That usually means human sacrifice; i.e., firing people. But herein lies the danger of all bromides: they don’t fit all situations."

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This blog was created by Steven Nardizzi, former CEO of Wounded Warrior Project and Al Giordano, former COO. On March 10, 2016, we were fired by the board of the WWP in the wake of media reports about wasteful spending at the charity we had led for eight years. In the same press release announcing our firings, the Board of WWP issued findings of an independent investigation disproving the allegations contained in those media reports. Nevertheless, the media's false reporting has taken hold and and we are forced to defend ourselves and the wonderful organization and people that has done so much help our wounded veterans.

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